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Here at BeeThinkers, we offer 3 innovative programs
for all your child’s holistic learning and literacy development needs!

Beginner Reading Program
Ages 4 & Up

Tailored for our youngest learners, our Readers Program aims to boost your child’s reading proficiency and to provide a solid foundation for future literacy development.

Beginner Writing Program
Ages 5 & Up

Perfect for those just starting out, our Writers Program develops your child’s persuasive writing skills and promotes the habit of writing from an early age.

Intermediate Writing Program
Ages 5 & Up

Developed for more advanced learners, our Storytelling Program works to deepen your child’s descriptive writing abilities and to cultivate the joy of story writing.

Why Choose BeeThinkers?

Literacy development is the key to unlock essential communication, reading, and writing skills as your child transitions to the primary school years. Our innovative curriculum is specifically crafted to give your child the literacy and communication skills and tools needed for academic achievement and personal growth.

Find out more about how we can build, support and bridge the gaps in your child’s development of essential knowledge, competence, and character!

Main Characteristics of Our Curriculum

Critical & Creative Thinking

Our use of practical open-ended questions encourage lateral thinking and our learners are taught to question, seek answers, and further question.

Reading & Writing Focus

By building solid foundations in reading, persuasive and creative writing, our learners reach key literacy milestones and are better prepared for primary education.

Integration of
Global Issues

Lesson topics include current affairs which boosts our learners' global awareness and to cultivate values of compassion, empathy and resilience.

Preparation for
Primary School

The Beethinkers curriculum is specifically aligned with primary school English curriculum goals and is here to bridge the gaps in your child's literacy development.

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