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Here at BeeThinkers, children go beyond the inquiry of knowledge and are challenged
to think, analyze, reason, and evaluate, through the use of quality questions.

Reading and Writing
5 Year Old

In the WONDERERS program, children begin to express curiosity and analyze global issues.

Reading and Writing
6 Year Old

Children in the EXPLORERS program tackle the complexity of global issues and explore how they are an active contributor to society.

Writing Programs
5-6 Year Old

Our WRITING PROGRAMS elevate writing preparedness, advances creative thinking, communication, presentation, and scaffold other literacy skills.

Topics incorporated are real, current, thought-provoking, and scaled to each child’s learning and development.

Why Choose BeeThinkers?

Literacy development is the groundwork for communication, reading, and writing skills essential as your child transitions to the primary school years. Our curriculum holds the basis of this belief to give your child the literacy skills and tools needed for lifelong learning and successful academic achievement. Find out more about how we can build and support your child’s development of the essential knowledge, competence, and character.

Main Characteristics of Our Curriculum

Opportunities to inquiry

Practical open-ended questions promote further conversation for learning. Lessons are crafted with ample room for learners to question, seek answers, and further question. This is an essential process for the development of literacy skills.

Integration of global issues

Lesson topics include the use of global news that provides exposure for students to improve global literacy. The discussion of these issues further enables them to improve their literacy level.

Incorporate digital resources

Learning games and electronic stories are used as part of the learning process.

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