Critical & Creative Thinking

Our use of practical open-ended questions encourage lateral thinking and our learners are taught to question, seek answers, and further question.

Reading & Writing Focus

By building solid foundations in reading, persuasive and creative writing, our learners reach key literacy milestones and are better prepared for primary education.

Integration of Global Issues

Lesson topics include current affairs which boosts our learners' global awareness and to cultivate values of compassion, empathy and resilience.

Preparation for Primary School

The Beethinkers curriculum is specifically aligned with primary school English curriculum goals and primes your child for success in their next stage of learning.


Literacy Programs for all levels

Our strong emphasis on reading, persuasive and creative writing helps our learners establish a solid English literacy foundation essential for primary school and beyond.

All our offerings are based on competency levels where learners will need to demonstrate mastery over prior levels before proceeding onto the next!

Teaching the Child as a Whole

The six learning domains are incorporated into the lessons to provide for different learning activities to cater to children’s different needs.

Discovery of the world

Social and emotional development

Motor skills development

Aesthetics and creative expression

Language and literacy