Our Learning Environment

Our classroom is not only a place for instruction,
it is a safe and inclusive space for active exploration and inquiry!


Writing Tools

A variety of writing instruments are added to the environment to inspire open-ended writing experiences. These include and are not limited to texturized paper, varied size pencils, alphabet stamps, dough, different types of brushes, and many more.


Provocation Items

Items for planned provocation were specially chosen or created to prompt the learner to think, wonder, and explore questions they would like to vocalise. High-quality conversation leads to the development of literacy and communication skills.


Creative Stimuli

Elements of nature are intentionally introduced to our space to serve as stimuli for creative play and storytelling, leading to oral language progression and comprehension. They further serve as motivating tools for pre-writing and writing development.


Reading Materials

Books have and will always be vital for students to think and be inspired beyond what they learn in the classroom. At BeeThinkers, books are specially curated for each topic and serve as motivators for reading.