competency-based Learning Model

All our programs are based on competency levels and learners will be assessed accordingly!

Beginner Reading Program
Ages 4 & Up

Levels 1A-B & 2A-B
25 lessons for each sublevel (25 hours)
Total of 100 hours


Beginner Writing Program
Ages 5 & Up

Levels 1A-E & 2A-E
10 lessons for each sublevel (10 hours)
Total of 100 hours

Intermediate Writing Program
Ages 5 & Up

Levels 1A-E & 2A-E
10 lessons for each sublevel (10 hours)
Total of 100 hours

Our Philosophy

At BeeThinkers, we seek to teach for a better world and prepare our learners for the primary school years and beyond!

  • By combining the study on global issues with language and literacy development, we actively seek to include students in conversations surrounding complex issues and use six questioning levels, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, to enhance their critical and creative thinking skills.
  • Driven by Reggio Emilia principles, we thoughtfully frame these topics (e.g. Advocacy, Human Dignity) for our young minds, which encourages more in-depth thinking, promotes healthy discourse and develops a culture of inquiry.
  • We recognize that learners come in all forms and are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment to cater to their needs and learning styles.
  • It is our hope that as students expand their understanding of interconnected and multi-faceted issues, they naturally become more engaged in the world around them and are inspired to take action for a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

To empower and enable lifelong thinkers and changemakers.

Our Values

We believe that an individual’s values shape their belief system, attitudes and actions. Our innovative and holistic curriculum imparts key values, skills and competencies necessary for globally-engaged citizens of the 21st century:

  • Creativity: Thoughtfully-planned learning experiences encourage students to learn playfully to develop their imagination and curiosity.
  • Problem-solving: The use of case studies allows students to think critically and resourcefully to provide solutions to challenging problems.
  • Communication: Discussions, sharing sessions and presentations, provide students with plentiful opportunities to speak confidently and express their thoughts and feelings effectively.
  • Perspective-taking, Collaboration, Inclusiveness: Teamwork in pairs or groups allows learners to collaborate and care for others while learning to embrace differences.
  • Other values such as Adaptability, Perseverance, Resilience, Leadership, and Initiative are also incorporated into their learning journey throughout the various lessons and themes.