Ages 4 & Up

Class Format: Online and in-person
Class Size: 8 students max
Course Duration: 1 hour per week

4 levels available:
Levels 1A-B & 2A-B
25 lessons for each level (25 hours)
Total of 100 hours

FACT: We’re not wired to read! Writing is a code humans invented to represent speech sounds and children have to crack that code to become readers.

By the time children reach the age of four, they have begun having conversations and take an active interest in telling and listening to stories. Learning to read by recognising words and structures is the next step in their literacy journey.

Tailored for our youngest learners, our Readers Program aims to boost your child’s reading proficiency and to provide a solid foundation for future literacy development.

Advantages of Reading

  • Learn to decode through structured and skilled instruction
  • Improve phonological and phonemic awareness
  • Enhance language abilities through developing vocabulary, reasoning and syntax
  • Elevate overall reading comprehension

Our Innovative Approach

  • Playful and creative ways to boost your child’s reading level
  • Specialized guidance and attention from highly qualified teacher

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn decodable words and word families
  • Achieve foundational phonological and phonemic awareness
  • Communicate clearly and confidently

Lesson Topics

  • Actions to help learning of phonemes (speech sounds)
  • Letter formation (differentiated for left and right-handed)
  • Blend decodable words
  • Sound segmentation of words
  • Dictation to put learning into practice
  • Four new decodable words for weekly practice
  • Learning about family words
  • Use of brain breaks to help with focus and alertness