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Practical open-ended questions promote further conversation for learning. Our curriculum uses varied, progressive questions to foster literacy development. Lessons are crafted with opportunities for students to question, seek answers, and further question. Lesson topics include the use of global news that provides exposure for students to become global citizens. 

All our teachers are Early Childhood-trained with a minimum Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Teaching) and certified as L2 (EL) or L2C (EL). On top of that, they are selected based on their ability to encourage, empower, and inspire every child. They received in-house training to be effective and efficient facilitators of the BeeThinkers’ program. They learn and demonstrate how to use proper questioning techniques to foster students’ critical thinking skills. Simulation of lessons is conducted as part of the educators’ learning process. Regular lesson observation and evaluation are conducted to help our teachers improve their teaching and student management methods and techniques. Striving for continuity in ensuring quality education, we work with our teachers to improve the various lesson activities or materials.

All programs follow the same fee structure:

One-time registration fee: $150
10 lessons (10 hours): $375

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Early bird exclusive: Waiver of $150 one-time registration fee!

BeeThinkers is conveniently located at City Hall. You can find our exact location here.

Our premises comprises of sheltered parking space, reachable by MRT and buses.