Ages 5 & Up

Class Format: Online and in-person
Class Size: 8 students max
Course Duration: 1 hour per week

10 levels available:
Levels 1A-E & 2A-E
10 lessons for each level (10 hours)
Total of 100 hours

FACT: Creative writing fosters a growth mindset which makes for more compassionate and resilient children! 

Nothing is more fun than children buzzing with excitement and wanting to create their own stories. Inspired by story and picture books, learners are eager to express themselves creatively through descriptive writing.

Developed for more advanced learners, our Storytelling Program works to deepen your child’s descriptive writing abilities and to cultivate the joy of story writing.

Advantages of Story Writing

  • Elevates writing preparedness
  • Advances critical thinking skills and reflection
  • Organises and communicates ideas innovatively and clearly in writing and/or other forms of written expression
  • Scaffolds other literacy skills such as grammar and vocabulary

Unique Approach

  • Presents global issues for analysis
  • Uses playful and creative ways to spark your child’s imagination
  • Guides through the use of storyboard and open-ended questions to create opportunities for your child to extend stories by adding depth and details

Learning Outcomes

  • Develops an awareness of real-world issues and the role of global citizenship
  • Engages the imagination to explore new possibilities
  • Formulates, develops and articulates ideas clearly, including connection between scenarios and characters, resulting in a well-designed plot
  • Understands the objectives of each part of the story – introduction, body and conclusion

Lesson Topics

  • Individual selection and brainstorm of the story topic
  • Story setting
  • Character creation and relationships
  • Storyboarding
  • Writing the beginning, the conflict, turning point, the solution, and the end
  • Using an editing checklist
  • Creating the illustration for the story
  • Brainstorm and craft a creative title
  • Writing the author’s and illustrator’s name
  • Presenting the story