The BeeThinkers Experience

Broaden Your Horizons

Learning is never limited to the four corners of a classroom. Go beyond your horizons to think, wonder and explore the world around you as it happens. Explore different perspectives as you are exposed to the works of artists, advocates, communities and organizations shaping our lives today and in the future.

A Culture of Inquiry

At BeeThinkers, questions are king and curiosity is always welcome. Ask away and you will find what you are looking for. Opportunities for group sharing and charting of ideas are plentiful so you can learn to speak up, question, and investigate to satisfy the thirst to discover more.

Be Bold, Be Different

It does not matter what others think; what matters is what you think. Have your voice be heard and be unapologetically you. Our learning environment is a safe space for you to be your best confident self and to showcase what makes you unique and special.

Make a Difference

Learn to take a stand for something you believe in, no matter how small it may be. Civic mindedness is a cornerstone of our program and we hope that our learners continue to give back to society and support causes they feel strongly about.

Your Personal Cheerleaders

Our educators are more than just knowledge banks; they are also your biggest fans. We believe in the impact that a good teacher can make and we are dedicated to being there every step of way encouraging and supporting your growth.

A Lifetime of Learning

Learning never ceases and it continues long after you leave formal education. Find the joy in learning through engaging games and stories, and it is our mission to help you cultivate a lifelong commitment to self-improvement.

Meet Beethinker Ben!

Experience a typical Beethinkers day with our learner, Ben!

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