Ages 5 & Up

Class Format: Online and in-person
Class Size: 8 students max
Course Duration: 1 hour per week

10 levels available:
Levels 1A-E & 2A-E
10 lessons for each level (10 hours)
Total of 100 hours

FACT: Writing helps the brain develop the logical functions required for successful math and science learning!

A year before the transition to primary school, higher order conversational skills are starting to develop and cultivating an interest in writing is essential for learners to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings in written form. 

Perfect for those just starting out, our Writers Program develops your child’s persuasive writing skills and promotes the habit of writing from an early age.

Advantages of Writing

  • Elevates writing preparedness
  • Advances critical thinking skills and reflection
  • Organises and communicates ideas innovatively and clearly in writing and/or other forms of written expression
  • Scaffolds other literacy skills such as grammar and vocabulary

Unique Approach

  • Presents global issues for analysis
  • Uses a structured approach towards developing an argument
  • Deploys the OREO concept for persuasive writing
  • Applies brainstorming techniques

Learning Outcomes

  • Develops an awareness of real-world issues and the role of global citizenship
  • Formulates specific reasons and articulates ideas
  • Learns to develop logical arguments
  • Works competently and diplomatically with others towards shared goals
  • Enhances self-esteem through self-expression

Lesson Topics

  • Pre-writing: Developing of ideas
  • Organize: Organizing of ideas
  • Write: Improve written sentences
  • Edit: Using an edit checklist for writing
  • Revise: Reviewing and presenting of writings